Where should you retire?

14 June 2018

We know that the question of where to retire is top of mind for many of us. It can be daunting to think that far in advance or decide on all the many options that are available. Do you pack up all your belongings and move to another country, or do you stay where you are close to family and life-long friends? has shared their annual Global Retirement Index that is used to help retirees find destinations that will make their money stretch. Their research looks at real estate, cost of living and overall quality of life. We discover what these recommended places have to offer and what you can find right on your doorstep.

 Top 10 destinations

Each of the top selected destinations boast warm, tropical weather, diverse people and cultures, as well as relaxed coastal lifestyles that are ideal for retirement. Aside from the beauty and retirement benefits, Peru ranked in the top 10 international destinations for its affordable lifestyle, along with Nicaragua, Colombia, Spain and Costa Rica. For charm and pure indulgence, Malaysia has been listed as a first world option, with other countries following suit such as Panama, Portugal, Ecuador and Mexico.

Migrate to South Africa’s best retirement destination

You do not have to travel overseas to find affordable living, tropical weather, diverse cultures, and a charming coastal lifestyle. KwaZulu-Natal ticks all the retirement boxes and is even home to Durban, which has been recently named the most liveable city in South Africa for the third consecutive year. With the major transportation upgrades, continued development of incredible lifestyle retirement estates and the introduction of specialised care providers KwaZulu-Natal is fast becoming the ideal destination for retirement.

There are so many exquisite, affordable and ideal retirement lifestyle opportunities out there; you just need to identify the lifestyle you would like to live over 50 and plan for it.

Where should you retire?

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