The importance of routine

19 February 2018

Do you have a set routine that you follow every day, or are you still trying to find your feet as a new retiree? Embracing retirement isn’t that easy, you no longer have times and schedules to stick to like you did at work; now you need to find a way of making time work for you and make the most of every minute.

To avoid the ‘boredom rut’, we suggest that you create a routine. This means that every day, at a certain time of the day, you will perform the same task, from waking up at a specific time, having breakfast, walking the dog to visiting your friends at a social spot. The routines don’t need to be busy or incur costs, all they need to do is help give you a purpose each day.

By creating a routine, especially once retired, you will experience less stress and anxiety. Routines suggest a sense of control and make every day more manageable. You will also feel a sense of security, as each day becomes steady and predictable.  By incorporating your own routine, you will improve your quality of life and help prevent yourself from hitting a very slow and lethargic lifestyle that can so easily be experienced. Routine is also a great help to co-ordinate carers or provide those with Alzhiemers and Dementia focus.

Before you become overwhelmed with all the time on your hands, work out a routine that will make each day entertaining and fun.

The importance of routine

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