Why buying into an off-plan development is a great option for retirees

16 January 2018

Have you often looked at an off-plan retirement development and thought how great it would be to live there? However, common questions, such as can I afford to invest in an off-plan development or can I wait for the development to be realised, may have created uncertainty and often got the better of you. There are many aspects to consider when buying off-plan, especially for retirees, but the important factor to note is that buying off-plan is a great investment opportunity.

There are a great deal of benefits when buying off-plan; firstly because you are buying off-plan you are buying directly from the developer, you therefore do not have to pay a transfer fee. Additionally, the cost you are paying for an off-plan development is often cheaper than what you would pay for it when it is complete. There are big money saving benefits, and for retirees, it is imperative to save every dime where possible. Another perk is that when moving into a new development, you can rest assured that your home is set up with superior finishes and fixtures, and as a result you will not need to maintain your home for at least 5 years; another great savings.

Before investing in any off-plan development, it is important for retirees to do some homework. Find out all that you can about the developer of the retirement estate, find out what their past projects have been, their delivery time and if they have followed through with the developments they have set out to create. Do your research on the area, find out what the area will offer you as a retiree; will you have close access to necessary amenities such as shopping centres and hospitals. Also find out if the development will also provide you with the facilities you would need, such as security, a clubhouse and onsite care centre.

Time and again buying off-plan has proved to be a positive investment for many, especially those moving into retirement.

Is purchasing an off-plan development best for retirees?

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