Prevent muscle cramps

12 March 2018

picture1Have you experienced that feeling where you are relaxing in bed and getting ready to fall asleep when one quick or slight movement results in a painstaking muscle cramp, otherwise known as a ‘Charley Horse’.

Dr Robert Miller, a San Francisco neurologist from the California Pacific Medical Centre, shared insight in a article, explaining how our muscles get weaker and smaller. He explains that nerves decay and the muscle tissue thins, resulting in a looser connection between the nerves and muscle, which often causes cramps.

We take a look at some easy remedies that may help ease muscle cramps from happening more often. Look at doing more pilates to help stretch your muscles, and rather stick to doing light exercises. Always ensure you have water throughout the day, as well as before, during and after any physical activity. Experts from the United States National Institute of Health suggest that the lack of calcium in the bloodstream can cause muscle cramps. Calcium should be included in your diet to help control muscle contraction, while magnesium will help muscles relax.


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