Mount Edgecombe Care Centre opens April 2019

8 April 2019


The 1st April marked the opening of the much-anticipated Mount Edgecombe Care Centre. Having set out to be the biggest care centre facility within KwaZulu-Natal, we want to share what it entails and how this Care Centre will benefit those who have chosen KwaZulu-Natal to retire to.


The Care Centre

Mount Edgecombe Care Centre is set to be the biggest facility within KwaZulu-Natal and is available to Mount Edgecombe Retirement Village residents and the general public. It is entirely new, fit-to-purpose, and a modern structure created to provide the elderly tailored care. There is a strong focus on frail care, with 40 available beds, and assisted living with 60 beds. The Care Centre will provide a restaurant, home-delivered meals from a set menu, laundry, and onsite hair salon services which will be provided according to demand. The Care Centre will bring in service providers from musicians to physiotherapists, to ensure the residents are entertained and active. Mount Edgecombe Retirement Village residents will benefit from having a roaming nurse who will do daily visits to all residents to check on their well-being.



With over 20 years of experience in operating care centres and services, TotalCare is a South African trusted care provider for older people and will be managing the Mount Edgecombe Care Centre. TotalCare helps ensure retirees enjoy an independent and mature lifestyle with a multi-disciplinary care team. Their services entail frail care, basic health care, assisted living and home-based care, while ensuring each individual feels safe, dignified and relaxed in their professional care. With the lead up to the opening of the Mount Edgecombe Care Centre, TotalCare has brought together a mix of existing TotalCare employees along with new highly skilled and trained staff, thus ensuring their high standard of care is upheld.

“With so much hype around the opening of our flagship facility, we have been inundated with enquires and interest. This is a fantastic sign of things to come as the Mount Edgecombe Retirement Village residents realise the true value of their investment,” Cornel Nieuwenhuizen (Total Care Director).

This is a game-changing partnership for Collins Residential, the developers who brought Mount Edgecombe Retirement Village and this very Care Centre. There is such a high demand for a quality made facility, run by professionals who have years of extensive experience and understanding in the care for the older market. With 6 units still available within the first phase, Mount Edgecombe Retirement Village is proving a popular choice for retirees.


Mount Edgecombe Care Centre opens April 2019

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