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25 September 2018

LiveHave you ever wondered what you will do once retired? Travel, read more, start a new career, or spend more time perfecting your hobby? The options are endless, and we are discovering retirees are doing more and more extraordinary things with their time. We take a look at what some of our KwaZulu-Natal retirees are getting up to and hope they inspire you to look at retirement as a new adventure.

Recent reports on News24 celebrate the achievements of 79-year old, Ossie Kretzmann, who received his PhD in Religion and Theology from the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Kretzmann shared that he had a theological issue within the Methodist Church, and thus decided to use his retirement to pursue the research he needed to settle his concerns. As a result, Kretzmann has the bragging rights of being the oldest graduate from the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

Bringing some inspiring retirement stories closer to home, we asked a homeowner from Mount Edgecombe Retirement Village and Shoreline Sibaya to share how they live their best retirement, and this is what they had to say;

“Previously I was a Director in a large corporate firm. Although I am retired now, this doesn’t mean that I have switched off. I still wake up at 5:30 every morning, watch the news and feed my interests in the markets and other political pillars within our country, which fascinates me. To stay in the loop and keep my mind active, I also sit on a few boards and work with my kids, to pass on my knowledge as best I can and assist them with their new business ventures. I am also travelling a lot more with my wife and enjoying our adventures as we explore new places. Purchasing within Mount Edgecombe Retirement Village has not only been an investment, it offers me a great retirement set-up, which is impossible to find. With the Care Centre being built first, this gives the development credibility and is effectively an insurance policy for us. I don’t want to be a burden to my kids, and the fact that this is a multi-generation estate, allows me to have my independence with my kids and grandkids in the same estate. Now that I have bought, we have friends that have also bought which is a big plus socially.” – shares Mount Edgecombe Retirement Village homeowner.

For some, retirement is an opportunity to continue to be involved with the hobbies they enjoy and focusing on enjoying quality time with family and friends. On the other spectrum, retirement is an opportunity to start something new, whether it be a hobby, a change in your lifestyle habits or venturing into a new career path.

“I’ve never retired, instead after the age of 50 I gave up my previous work as a Mathematician working overseas both in industry and as a university teacher and became a successful writer. First, I started off contributing articles to academic journals both internationally and locally, and then evolved into a newspaper columnist for South Africa’s Independent Newspaper Group, became an author of an award-winning book, and later started writing and directing documentary films for E-TV. I intend to continue such productive, creative writing in the future. My decision to buy into Shoreline Sibaya, with its numerous facilities on offer, was based on my own future plans to keep physically fit in a beautiful and safe environment. I want to continue to ‘refire’ rather than retire, whilst retaining my independence by not being a burden on my children and other family members in the event my health deteriorates in any way.” – shares Shoreline Sibaya homeowner.

If you think retirement is about slowing down and pausing on life, think again. These three retirees show us all that this stage of our lives is merely a new chapter, not the last; and it’s a lot of fun.

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