Keep your mind active

12 January 2018

In order to be physically fit and strong, you need to train your muscles and exercise regularly. Much like the body, your brain is exactly the same. Numerous studies suggest that when you keep your mind mentally fit, it will stay sharp and ‘young’. Keeping your mental health in check helps ensure that your emotional, psychological and social well-being is balanced.


Research conducted in the USA reveals that the development of dementia can be delayed if your brain is kept active. Additionally, your brain doesn’t deteriorate with age, it deteriorates by not keeping it mentally active. So make use of those crossword puzzles in the newspapers, read, experience something new, or simply download some games on your tablet or cellphone that will help keep your mind busy.


Furthermore, when making an effort to stay physically fit, you are also helping your brain stay active too. Ensuring you maintain regular physical activity, helps the flow of oxygen to the brain, as well as assists individuals overcome depression and stress.


The challenge comes in when you have retired from your job, and struggle to keep your mind on-the-go and active as much as it used to be on a daily basis. Maintaining an active mind is imperative to your mental health, so before you retire, ensure you have a plan in place that will help keep your mind and body healthy for longer.


Keep your mind active

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