The importance of long-term healthcare planning

20 March 2019

There are a few retirement trends to look out for in 2019, from working after retirement to lifestyle retirement planning. One of the prominent trends coming to the forefront is the importance of long-term healthcare planning. With many individuals leading active lifestyles, we are finding there are more and more individuals who are still fit and healthy well into their 50’s. This however doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a long-term healthcare plan in place.  We take a look at why long-term healthcare planning is essential even when you are fit and nimble.


Planning for the cost

Healthcare and medical aid account for a fair portion of your monthly budget in retirement. It is an expense that needs to be planned for, regardless of the fact that you may be in tip-top form at present. As we age, our bodies change and require tailored care; from ensuring you have the right supplements to medical needs taken care of at no extra expense. There are many medical aid schemes and healthcare providers to choose from; make sure you choose the one that best suits your needs and health goals.

Prepared for the unexpected

We can try fuel our body with the right diet and keep our bones and muscles strong with a tailored fitness regime, however, sometimes we can’t get away from unexpected healthcare issues. It could be anything from aching bones, high or low blood pressure to more serious concerns. Having a long-term healthcare plan in place can ensure that you have access to the necessary specialists you need.

Active and healthy living tailored to you

As we age, our bodies change and that’s why we need to adapt our fitness and daily activities to accommodate for this. If you are not able to run long distances, cut down your distance, or if your struggling to lift things or bend, try aqua aerobics or water weights. What may have worked in your 40’s may not work for you when you are 60. This doesn’t mean you should stop being active anymore, this is just an indication that you need to realign your activities with your body’s changes.

The need for onsite care centres

As a result of the need for healthcare to be close to where you live, developers are incorporating onsite Care Centres and partnering with trusted care providers. From our research and feedback from our Retire KZN community, having an onsite care centre is the second most important requirement in a development, behind the need for security.

Healthcare is a necessity, especially during retirement, and for many reasons this is why you need to have a long-term healthcare plan set in place that can adapt to your situation. When planning for your retirement, keep your health at the top of your mind.

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The importance of long-term healthcare planning